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No more under or over-watering, wasting water and spending extra dollars.

The key to sustaining your beautiful lawn and landscaping through the hot, dry summers here in the mid-west is a well designed and maintained sprinkler and irrigation system. Seasonal Solutions is the professional resource you need to design and install a new system as well as repair and maintain an existing one. With new installations we are dedicated to providing a design that provides quality, state-of-the-art equipment, efficiency of water usage and at a cost to meet your needs. Our work is guaranteed and our crews insure proper clean-up upon completion. We use RainBird and Hunter products to provide the latest money saving technology and quality equipment.

Upgrades, repairs and maintenance

Whether we installed your system or someone else did, our professional technicians are here to evaluate your present system to determine corrections and repairs needed to insure proper function. Modifications can be made to upgrade and enhance efficiencies of operation and overall water resource utilization. Rainbird’s Smart Technology and Hunter’s Solar Sync not only takes the guess work out of water usage but will reduce overall costs now and in years to come.

System malfunctions can be costly and waste valuable water resources. To insure optimal performance of your system, Seasonal Solutions provides timely and cost efficient programs. Our Premier Maintenance Program is designed to provide the optimal and necessary services required to keep your system in top operating condition.

Premier Maintenance Program

  • Spring Start-up:
    Check overall system for leaks and pressure.
    Check controller, replace batteries and reset if needed.
    Check turf & landscape rotors, sprays and make adjustments.
    Repair broken sprinkler heads.
    Recommend upgrades and repairs, if needed.
  • Mid-season:
    Check system, sprinkler heads and settings.
  • Winterize:
    Shut system down.
    Drain and winterize back flow preventer and valves.
    Blow out system with compressed air.

While we recommend that our customers sign-up for our Premier All Inclusive Maintenance Program, we are always happy to provide services that are best suited for our customers needs.


Drainage problems ruin lawns and landscape plant material, cause erosion, back flow into basements and attract mosquitoes. Seasonal Solutions can solve drainage problems by designing a corrective plan after a through evaluation of the underlying problems. Recommended corrective measures can include re-contouring the land, adding fill dirt, installing a French drain system, downspout underground extensions or retaining walls. Options for a drainage system will always consider the most cost effective methods and materials available while maintaining the beautiful and functionality of the landscape.

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